Sunday, April 5, 2009

Killzone 2, JWT, Dannon

Deutsch, an advertising company, hit the nail on the head when they realized that gamers like video games that can do everything the commercial says they can. They created a 30 second spot called Bullet Journey which started when the game was released. Sony also released a downloadable version of the commercial to get more attention. This allows users to adjust the lighting, camera angles, etc and allows Deutsch and Sony to get the gamers opinion.
The Killingzone

JWT is shutting down their Chicago office because they lost the business of their main brand, Kraft. In 2007, Kraft spent 220 million dollars every year to advertise their products. Shortly after the loss, the president and creative director left. Twenty other employees were laid off soon after. JWT North American leaders Rosemarie Ryan and Ty Montague said the move is also in response to the economy's current situation.

Dannon is working on several complaints from customers that doubt Activia  has any health benefits. Dannon's lawyers said that this may lead to a nation wide case. The lawyers who filed the suit against Dannon say that Dannon could owe as much as 300 million to consumers. The charge is financial injury due to deceptive advertising based on lack of clinical proof to support the ads claims.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bacardi, Disney, AIG

Since superfruits have come into the picture, liquor brands, such as Bacardi, are adding them to their mix. Superfruits are known for high antioxidant levels. This new brand is meant to target the general market with a strong focus on multicultural males. Print ads will run in Maxim, Rolling Stone, Vibe, and others. 

Disney bought out a lot of websites aimed at children from a Canadian media company for over 18 million dollars. Kaboose was a large competitor in the children online area and this sell marks the end of their company. reaches over two million users in the U.S. along with other sites that reach over five million users. Acquiring these websites will help Disney expand their online reach.

AIG is planning to conduct a brand review to see how consumers will react. They were considering changing the name to AIU, or American International Underwriters. They want to develop a go to market name that will showcase the financial security that they provide as an insurance company. They hope a new brand will help gain business.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Exxon Mobile, BMW, CLIO Awards

Exxon Mobile made a documentary spot to sell their new synthetic oil. Speed dreams will run for the next four months. It will showcase the professional success of Lewis Hamilton, Wolf Henzler, and Jason Whitfield. They will all talk about how synthetic oil has helped improve their performance. An Exxon rep said that they paid a little of six figures for the media placement.
Oil changes here.

The BMW mini is coming out with a new ad campaign that illustrates riding with the top down. Their tag line is the same one they have had since 2004. One ad features two men the go throughout time with the top down, and when one tries to put the top on, he gets smacked in the head for it. Then their famous "always open" tag line appears.BMW has also launched a micorsite to let other BMW convertible drivers to upload their own videos.
Here is your top down.

The CLIO awards will give an award to Dan Wieden, co-founder and CEO of Wieden and Kennedy, in Las Vegas. His award is for recognition of an outstanding professional that leads the industry. He started his agency with Kennedy in Portland Ore., as a first client Nike in 1982, their business took off. They made one of the most widely known campaigns in history.
Awards found here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

'08 Holiday Sales, Honda, "News"

According to Neilson ratings, 2008's holiday shopping increased 5.8%. This 5.8% went to most grocery/drug stores, mass merchandisers, and connivence stores. Some of the favorite products were musical instruments, fragrances, baking supplies, and computer electronic products. 10% of homes bought new entertainments systems, 18 percent bought video game consoles, and 11% bought DVD's.
According to Neilson... 

Honda launched a new green campaign that features headlights choreographed to "this little light of mine...". This eco assist coaching systems shows a digital display of a flower growing the more eco friendly the driver is. The tag line says, "everyone wants to be good and now there is a hybrid for everyone." Jeff Kling, executive creative director at Wieden and Kennedy said that this growing flower idea was the corner stone of the entire commercial. 
Eco-friendly Honda...

According to the Rasmussen Report, 24% of respondents say that news like the Colbert Report and the Daily Show are taking over real news. Only 45% of people say that it is not taking over real new while the others are unsure. 39% of people don't think this type of news is bad because they feel they become more informed whereas 21% think these shows makes you less informed. 36% of people view John Stewart favorably while Colbert fallows one point behind.
According to Rasmussen...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Geico Gecko, Trojan, Carl's Jr.

The Geico Gecko can be seen dancing with the Numa Numa guy who has gotten several hits on YouTube. This is part of nine parodies that will appear through April 9th. Ted Ward, Geico's Marketing VP, said that this is very different from the traditional media that Geico is usually found on. They just wanted to make these fun entertaining ads for their viewers.
Can you spot the Gecko?

Trojan condoms came out with a new commercial offering "assistance" in these hard economic times. The commercial is titled Hard Times and features Trojans version of a stimulus package. It helps consumers remember to be safe during these economic times while giving them something to chuckle about. The agency that created this was Kaplan Thaler Group.
Trojan remembering to be safe.

Carl's Jr. came out with a new ad to look like a mini novela. Carl's Jr. is completely intergraded in the story to disguise it as not a commercial.  This is supposed to help capture the attention of young, hungry, hispanic men. It has gotten a lot of heat because people claim the ad is too racy. These ads will continue to run through June 23rd.
Can Carl's Jr. really be that racy?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vault, Guns, Upfront Buying

Coca-Cola has come up with a new risky advertising move. They have told customers that if they buy Pepsi's Mountain Dew, they will give away a free Vault. They are doing this because they are currently #2 to Mountain Dew. They believe that this will gain Vault awareness with Mountain dew Drinkers. History shows that giving away your product for free has worked in the past to help struggling brands.
More Vault here.

Guns have increased in sales regardless of economic down turn. Background checks have risen over 20% every month this year. People believe that this is due to having a liberal president. People fear that restrictions on guns and ammunition will be limited due to Obama. When Bill Clinton was elected, there was a 18% surge on the purchases of guns. People believe that the increase in gun sales is also due to the fact that consumer get security conscious when economic times are hard.
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Due to the economy, people suspect TV ad sales will fall this fall. This could also change how shows like American Idol are bought and sold. TV stations typically sell most of their advertising spots during May and June. This type of advertising is not attractive due to high costs and not very much time for the cost.
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

How Brands Matter, Direct Mail, Living

A recent study conducted by Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement has shown that during tough times consumer are not only price conscious, they are also brand conscious. Consumer expectation have increased 20% since 2008. Consumers want to know that they are getting the right value for what they are buying. For example, people are willing to buy Nike $150 shoes because consumers associated Nike with being a quality brand. Interestingly enough, Dunkin Donuts coffee ranked first with consumers ahead of McDonalds and even Starbucks.
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The use of direct mail advertising declined 3% in 2008 which is the highest drop in 60 years. The marketing consultancy forecasts direct mail declining 8 or 9% this year. Many companies that used direct mail are finding other methods in digital advertising to save money. Many chief marketers are now using direct mail to target specific audiences instead of saturating the market. Part of this decline is also due to high postage costs.
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Martha Stewart's Living magazine has broadened to include travel, beauty, and fashion content. Advertising revenue has declined and this new change was brought about to attract more advertisers. This new "department" will be called apothecary and fashion. They have also changed their cover to a san serif font moving away from its script font from previous years. They also decided to include this new department because when Martha Stewart blogs on her trips, they receive several hits.
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