Monday, February 23, 2009

Less Money for Ads, Mr. Clean, Zappos

A private equity firm VSS projects the overall 2009 advertising spending to drop 7.4 percent. John Suhler, VSS partner, said that this is do to the downturn in the economy. This marks the first two year decline in 75 years. This also marks the slowest growth rate since VSS started collecting data three decades ago. New media segments will be better off than traditional ones but all forms will probably drop in sales more than they did last year. For more information, please go to this article.

New ads from Procter and Gamble show that Mr. Clean products are all propose cleaners. This is a shift from their  most recent campaign where they emphasized the fresh sent of Febreze. Another change is that this new campaign doesn't show Mr. Clean the character like they have been lately. Senior analyst Krista Faron said that Mr. Clean was good to draw customers in but not enough to show tangible benefits. Consumers with the recession want simple cleaning solutions and Mr. Clean's cleaning products are trying to be apart of this market. For more information please go to this article. has come up with new TV ads to get consumers to go to their website for more than just shoes. The commercials feature men and women in their underwear stepping into a Zappos box and coming out fully clothed. They want their consumers to, "Put a little Zappos in your day!" This slogan/theme came from another campaign that featured an acrobatic mailman delivering Zappos boxes to brighten people's day. Zappos not only wanted to create a fun, joyful experience from buying their products, but they also wanted to represent the culture of their company. Even with this new campaign, Zappos only spent 13 million dollars last year down from 20 million in 2007. For more information, please go to this article.

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