Saturday, February 21, 2009

Music-Branding, Blockbuster, HP

Many advertising agencies are starting to realize that music is a very good branding tool. This is not a new idea considering that people have been humming the "I Love Lucy" tune since the show came out. It is also relatively cheap to get original music to to play with your advertisements. It is no longer about writing good jingles, but about catchy tunes that will captivate your target audience. It is a really great way to promote a brand and create an image.
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DDB won the Blockbuster account as they competed against several other agencies for the win. It all started with an RFP in the last quarter of 2007. In March 2008, when presentations had been completed, Blockbuster did not award anyone business. Then DDB proposed a solution Blockbuster couldn't refuse. A Blockbuster spokesman said that DDB presented them with a cost effective model that would help them reinvent themselves for the future.
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Omnicom won the one billion dollar HP Media Business. At first the deal was for only three divisions but was modified to include the Technology Solutions Group. HP also awarded its advertising, direct marketing, media buying, etc. to Omnicom as well. HP picked Ominicom because it was looking for economic ways to do business. Omnicom had several other new business acquired that includes Nissan, Visa, Time Warner Cable, and Levi.
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