Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TV Ads Effective, Dial Body Wash, Banana Republic

There was a large study done by the Advertising Research Foundation that claims TV ads are more effective than they have ever been. They analyzed 388 cases from seven different agencies and all concluded that TV is not only effective, but increasing in effectiveness. TV ads simplify purchasing decisions and in this complicated time who doesn't need that? People actually want to relax watching TV and want to let the ads rush over them. The ARF's chief research officer, Joel Rubinson, said that this is just another part of the brand experience. For more information, please pick me.

Dial soap has come out with a new anti-aging, antioxidant pearl body wash to break into the anti-aging shower products  market and it will hit stores this month. Henkel, Dial's parent company, said that Dial Antioxidant Body Wash is the first well known body wash to offer cranberry extracts in an anti-aging form. Dial also created bar soap and a foaming hand wash to compliment the new line. These products will hit stores in July. The trend isn't new, but there is a big move to get anti-aging specialty like soaps to the mass market. For more information, please pick me.

Banana Republic's new campaign will center around 9 Grammy nominated artists to tell their "city stories". Each musician will be photographed in the spring and summer collection with a New York City background. They will channel these ads through print, outdoor, online, and direct mail. The CMO of Banana Republic, Peter Deluca, wants these ads to create an emotional bond between the artist and the customer. Their website will also feature interviews with the artists, free music downloads, and performances. For more information, please pick me.

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