Thursday, March 26, 2009

'08 Holiday Sales, Honda, "News"

According to Neilson ratings, 2008's holiday shopping increased 5.8%. This 5.8% went to most grocery/drug stores, mass merchandisers, and connivence stores. Some of the favorite products were musical instruments, fragrances, baking supplies, and computer electronic products. 10% of homes bought new entertainments systems, 18 percent bought video game consoles, and 11% bought DVD's.
According to Neilson... 

Honda launched a new green campaign that features headlights choreographed to "this little light of mine...". This eco assist coaching systems shows a digital display of a flower growing the more eco friendly the driver is. The tag line says, "everyone wants to be good and now there is a hybrid for everyone." Jeff Kling, executive creative director at Wieden and Kennedy said that this growing flower idea was the corner stone of the entire commercial. 
Eco-friendly Honda...

According to the Rasmussen Report, 24% of respondents say that news like the Colbert Report and the Daily Show are taking over real news. Only 45% of people say that it is not taking over real new while the others are unsure. 39% of people don't think this type of news is bad because they feel they become more informed whereas 21% think these shows makes you less informed. 36% of people view John Stewart favorably while Colbert fallows one point behind.
According to Rasmussen...

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