Sunday, March 29, 2009

Exxon Mobile, BMW, CLIO Awards

Exxon Mobile made a documentary spot to sell their new synthetic oil. Speed dreams will run for the next four months. It will showcase the professional success of Lewis Hamilton, Wolf Henzler, and Jason Whitfield. They will all talk about how synthetic oil has helped improve their performance. An Exxon rep said that they paid a little of six figures for the media placement.
Oil changes here.

The BMW mini is coming out with a new ad campaign that illustrates riding with the top down. Their tag line is the same one they have had since 2004. One ad features two men the go throughout time with the top down, and when one tries to put the top on, he gets smacked in the head for it. Then their famous "always open" tag line appears.BMW has also launched a micorsite to let other BMW convertible drivers to upload their own videos.
Here is your top down.

The CLIO awards will give an award to Dan Wieden, co-founder and CEO of Wieden and Kennedy, in Las Vegas. His award is for recognition of an outstanding professional that leads the industry. He started his agency with Kennedy in Portland Ore., as a first client Nike in 1982, their business took off. They made one of the most widely known campaigns in history.
Awards found here.

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