Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Facebook, New Balance, Visa

Facebook is going to reveal their new design of their website on March 11th. This redesign may cause advertisers to change the way they currently advertise products on Facebook's website. They have also included a new feature where users can have an unlimited amount of friends unlike the 5,000 they are limited to now. Facebook will also put user updatings as their center piece on their new home page. Users will also be able to categorize their friends, family members, and co-workers accordingly.
More on Facebook's new design.

New Balance shoes is coming up with a new campaign to tell runners that their shoes will make running enjoyable. The TV/Print ads will be targeting 25-34 year-old's that have a love hate relationship with running. The campaign was created by BBDO in New York. They will also get specialists to find the perfect fit for customers. These specialists will work in certain stores to educate customers on the 88 points of total fit.
More on Total Fit from New Balance.

Visa is came out with a new campaign to tell customers that plastic is better than paper. TBWA wanted to stress the convenience and security. The first two ads were on American Idol March 4th. Visa also created a micro site where people can go and talk about the card and give recommendations. This re-positioning is supposed to help the plummeting market share that has dropped 5.7% recently.
More on Visa and their new campaign.

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