Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Geico Gecko, Trojan, Carl's Jr.

The Geico Gecko can be seen dancing with the Numa Numa guy who has gotten several hits on YouTube. This is part of nine parodies that will appear through April 9th. Ted Ward, Geico's Marketing VP, said that this is very different from the traditional media that Geico is usually found on. They just wanted to make these fun entertaining ads for their viewers.
Can you spot the Gecko?

Trojan condoms came out with a new commercial offering "assistance" in these hard economic times. The commercial is titled Hard Times and features Trojans version of a stimulus package. It helps consumers remember to be safe during these economic times while giving them something to chuckle about. The agency that created this was Kaplan Thaler Group.
Trojan remembering to be safe.

Carl's Jr. came out with a new ad to look like a mini novela. Carl's Jr. is completely intergraded in the story to disguise it as not a commercial.  This is supposed to help capture the attention of young, hungry, hispanic men. It has gotten a lot of heat because people claim the ad is too racy. These ads will continue to run through June 23rd.
Can Carl's Jr. really be that racy?

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