Sunday, March 1, 2009

Skittles, Kia Soul, Digital Marketing

Skittles has just made their home page on Wikipedia to allow more consumer engagement. This new home page also includes a twitter and Facebook link. Carole Walker, VP of Integrated Marketing Communications, said that Wikipedia is a definition of what the brand actually is. She continued to say that Skittles lives a world that is unexpected, which is why a homepage on Wikipedia is appropriate. They expect people will vandalize the site with their comments, and hopefully they will be positive ones. If the comments do get obscene, they will be taken down.
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Kia Motors America is spending big bucks on a new ad campaign for the Kia Soul. These ads will play in movie theatres that support Screenvision or Cinemedia. These ads will run through April Fool's day and then the TV and print ads will begin. They purchased some prime time spots and late night spots do give a good balance for the demographic. They will also put ads online on social networking sites.
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Although online advertising has not declined for three straight quarters, it has declined sharply due to the economy. This is the first time it has happened since the Dot-Com bust in 2001. Display ads over all have taken the biggest beating. The biggest sellers of display ads, Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft all reported declines in display ads. No one expects these type of ads to go back up any time soon. Part of this decline is because these ads are so over used.
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