Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vault, Guns, Upfront Buying

Coca-Cola has come up with a new risky advertising move. They have told customers that if they buy Pepsi's Mountain Dew, they will give away a free Vault. They are doing this because they are currently #2 to Mountain Dew. They believe that this will gain Vault awareness with Mountain dew Drinkers. History shows that giving away your product for free has worked in the past to help struggling brands.
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Guns have increased in sales regardless of economic down turn. Background checks have risen over 20% every month this year. People believe that this is due to having a liberal president. People fear that restrictions on guns and ammunition will be limited due to Obama. When Bill Clinton was elected, there was a 18% surge on the purchases of guns. People believe that the increase in gun sales is also due to the fact that consumer get security conscious when economic times are hard.
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Due to the economy, people suspect TV ad sales will fall this fall. This could also change how shows like American Idol are bought and sold. TV stations typically sell most of their advertising spots during May and June. This type of advertising is not attractive due to high costs and not very much time for the cost.
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