Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bacardi, Disney, AIG

Since superfruits have come into the picture, liquor brands, such as Bacardi, are adding them to their mix. Superfruits are known for high antioxidant levels. This new brand is meant to target the general market with a strong focus on multicultural males. Print ads will run in Maxim, Rolling Stone, Vibe, and others. 

Disney bought out a lot of websites aimed at children from a Canadian media company for over 18 million dollars. Kaboose was a large competitor in the children online area and this sell marks the end of their company. reaches over two million users in the U.S. along with other sites that reach over five million users. Acquiring these websites will help Disney expand their online reach.

AIG is planning to conduct a brand review to see how consumers will react. They were considering changing the name to AIU, or American International Underwriters. They want to develop a go to market name that will showcase the financial security that they provide as an insurance company. They hope a new brand will help gain business.

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